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Will Siberian Husky puppies suit your lifestyle?

siberian husky puppies

Siberian Husky puppies with their wolf like appearance can sometimes appear intimidating at first. However that impression is quickly changed when you realize these lovable dogs have proven to be great companions and pets.

With their awesome coat and energetic ways, these pups will surely test your stamina. Needing little grooming requirements but loads of exercise, they will make for a great exercise partner and new best friend.

What size will Siberian Husky puppies reach when fully grown?

Your gorgeous Siberian Husky will be a medium to large sized dog when fully grown. They will stand between 50-60cm (20-23 ½ inches) tall. This puts the head of a Husky at the mid thigh area of an adult and its back will rest at your lower thigh.

If you want to show your Husky in competition, it is important to know that female huskies should not be over 56cm (22 inches) and males over 60cm (23 ½ inches). If you Husky is above these limits they will be disqualified and not allowed to compete.

siberian husky puppies information

How heavy will Siberian Husky puppies grow to be?

You may be surprised at how lean and muscular a Siberian Husky is under their thick coats. They will weigh anywhere between 15-27kg (35-60 pounds) and as with most breeds, you will find the males are generally on the heavier side of the scale.

What Colors do Siberian Husky tend to be?

We think Huskies are adorable dogs with amazing coats that come in a variety of colors. Starting from solid white and black, to a mixture of greys, sables, reds and tans. Their eyes can be blue or brown or you can find an interesting mix of both (one eye brown and the other eye

How long is the Coat of a Siberian Husky?

Their coat consists of a double layer which is medium in length and quite thick to keep them warm in the colder climates. The dense soft undercoat will shed generally twice a year with the change in seasons. This is great as it means you will have very little hair to pick up outside of these times.

How long will I need to spend grooming my Siberian Husky?

Surprisingly these dogs don’t need you to give them a huge amount of grooming to keep them looking great. You will need to give them a brush every now and you will only need to bath them on the rare occasion. You will no doubt love the fact that Siberian Huskies tend to be naturally clean dogs and they have minimal to no doggy smell.

During the periods of the year when they shed you will have a bit more work to do. At this time it is best to brush them to remove the loose hair which will otherwise end up all over your home.

Do Siberian Husky puppies have a long lifespan?

white siberian husky puppies

The Siberian Huskies have an average lifespan of 12-14 years of age.

In order to ensure that your husky has a happy and long life it is important to provide them with enough exercise, the right health care and nutrition as well as loads of love and affection.

We believe the more time you have with your new best friend, the better!

What sort of Temperament will a gorgeous Siberian Husky have?

Siberian Husky puppies are great, alert and loving companions. You will be quick to notice these intelligent dogs can be quite a curious breed and tend to explore and sniff things out. It is important that you have a well fenced yard as their curiosity may have them trying to stray on occasion.

You’ll find most Siberian Huskies to be very affectionate towards their owners and will love nothing more than being around your family. This is especially true if it involves exercising and playing. Leaving your Husky alone for long periods of time is not a good idea. They tend to become very bored and that’s when you can find them trying to escape or becoming destructive. If you socialize your Husky well, you’ll find them to be great friends to your children, but your young toddlers should always be supervised around them.

sledding siberian huskies

Their history of sled pulling has had them working in a pack situation for many years so if you have another dog, they should get along well.

Huskies in the past have been known to hunt and attack other animals occasionally such as hamsters and cats just out of pure instinct.

However, if you socialize them well from a young age, there is no reason why your Husky couldn’t live in a home with your other non canine pets.

How much Exercise will my Siberian Husky need?

A Siberian Husky is definitely not a breed that you can just put in your yard and expect to be happy. They need you to give them daily exercise and socialization is a must. Without both of these, you are likely to have a very bored and destructive pooch on your hands. This working breed of dog has incredible endurance and loves nothing more than to run. You will need to get them out for an intensive session on a regular basis. Riding your bike with them along side of you is a great idea!

A fantastic way to bond with your Siberian Husky and give them a great work out is to take them sledding. Many Siberian Husky Clubs around the world will try to get their dogs involved with this sport. Your Husky naturally excels in this sport and they will love the trips to the snow.

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An important thing to remember when owning Siberian Husky puppies is to make sure that the areas in which you are exercising them are safe. They can have a tendency to run and tend to have no sense of roads.

We strongly suggest that you have them on leads or in a well contained area where there is no risk to them running onto the road.

Am I the Ideal owner for Siberian Husky puppies?

These dogs are strong, athletic animals that with the right care and training will make an amazing pet for you. If you consider yourself as quite the couch potato and cringe at the idea of strenuous exercise then you may want to rethink getting a Husky. These dogs will do best with an active owner who has the energy to keep up with their exercise needs. You’ll need a well fenced yard and enough time to spend with your Husky that they won’t become bored and frustrated.

It is important to note that the Siberian Huskies do very well in the cold climates and can struggle in the warmer ones. If you do live in a warm climate, it is important that you provide your Husky with plenty of shade, water and access to indoors so they can escape the heat.

We would not recommend Siberian Husky puppies if you are a first time dog owner. These dogs can be quite independent and require you to have patience and persistence with their training.

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