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Will Rottweiler Puppies be right for you?

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Having some cuddly and affectionate Rottweiler puppies around the house is great if you’re looking for a loyal companion. They don’t require much of your time for grooming but they do love to spend time with you going on walks and generally playing.

These pups will fit in well with your family environment and with any other pets you might have as long as you socialize and train them well.

Note: Often “Rottweiller puppies” is a common way Rottweiler is misspelled. Two “L’s” are used instead of one. We wanted to clear this up as it is important to know the correct spelling of your pooch should you search for breeders and more information regarding these pups.

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What size will Rottweiler puppies reach when fully grown?

Rottweilers are large tough powerful dogs which tend to be between 58-69cm (23-27inchs) tall.

The head of a Rottweiler will generally be at your low hip area and its back will roughly sit at your mid thigh area.

How heavy will a cuddly Rottweiler puppy grow to be?

The first thing you may want to know about Rottweilers is that they generally love to eat. In fact you could probably go poor from just feeding them if they had their way.

This makes obesity a common problem with these adorable pups so it is important to keep them on a strict diet.

Generally a healthy weight for an adult Rottweiler is between 90-110 pounds (41-50kg). This also varies depending on their height.

What Colors do Rottweilers tend to be?

Rottweiler puppies have a mainly black coat. You’ll find tan markings on their legs, muzzle, chest and eyebrows. The tan can be a bright vibrant color or a darker color depending on the genes of the parents.

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How long is the Coat of a Rottweiler?

Rottweiler puppies have a short to medium length coat. The top of the coat is quite coarse with a waterproof undercoat.

This is great if you don’t have much time for grooming as their coat requires little maintenance.

How long will I need to spend grooming my Rottweiler?

Due to their short-medium length coat, you will find Rottweilers pretty easy to maintain. To reduce the amount of hair they shed, you might want to give regular brushing, possibly a quick once over every few days if you plan to keep your pup indoors. This is for your own benefit as no one wants to be picking up dog hair all day!

Regular baths for your Rottweiler puppies are a good idea as well. Make sure you use a quality shampoo to maintain their oils and keep that vibrant shine on their coat.

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Do Rottweilers have a long lifespan?

Rottweilers have an expected lifespan of around 10-11 years but good care and nutrition can see these pooches live to be 12-14 years.

Rottweilers are prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and osteosarcoma (malignant bone cancer).

You can avoid some of these problems by getting your Rottweiler puppies through good breeders. Doing so will allow you to check the history of the pup including historical medical information of the parents. It is important for you to be aware of these problems and ensure your Rottweiler gets regular health checks.

What sort of Temperament will a cuddly Rottweiler have?

You cannot overlook the loyalty and affection a Rottweiler will have for you. Being very loving and intelligent, you will find they are very quick to learn and please you. If you have a family environment, your Rottweiler will fit in well as they get along well with children and other pets.

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This applies as long as you socialize them well from an early age. You may have experienced a few different temperaments in Rottweilers. They vary due to their training and environment in which they have been raised.

Unfortunately this breed does tend to attract some people that train them to be rough and tough. This has resulted in Rottweilers commonly being feared and seen as aggressive.

If you mix a very loyal breed of dog with someone that teaches it to be aggressive and you have a very protective pup. If you have a loving home environment, you will quickly see that this breed should not be feared and will bring nothing but great companionship.

How much Exercise will my Rottweiler need?

To keep your Rottweiler happy, you will need a large space and the time to give long daily exercise. If you take your pup off lead, they are more likely to get the exercise they need. Being off the lead gives your Rottweiler the freedom to run and play.

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This is only recommended if your pooch is reliably trained. Due to their intelligence, they tend to do really well with training and you will see fast results with Rottweilers.

It is important for you to teach them their place within the family structure.

Given the chance, your Rottweiler puppy will attempt to become the dominant figure in the household. If this is the case, you may end up sleeping in the dog house!

Am I the Ideal owner for a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are fantastic adorable dogs but an ideal owner must be willing to put in time to train, socialize and learn about dog behaviors. As they are such a powerful breed, knowing how to read the body language of your dog can be a great help. Rottweilers can be great around your children but due to their size and strength small children will need to be watched.

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Ideally you will need to have a large yard for this breed so they can freely move around. Well trained and socialized Rottweiler puppies will grow into cuddly compassionate teddy bears.

Your Rottweiler will definitely a great companion to have around the house.