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Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, are they a good fit for you?

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Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies make great additions to your family. They are known to be loyal and intelligent dogs who love to be around you and your family. Requiring a fair amount of exercise, they will be energetic one moment and willing to lie on the couch with you the next.

They won’t need much of your time for grooming but will need a lot of time for your love and affection, but they deserve it!

The most distinguishing feature of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is of course their “Ridgeback”. If you are not aware, these dogs have a long strip or “ridge” of hair which goes from the shoulders right down to the hips. This hair grows in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. This is definitely a distinguishing and amazing part of this lovable breed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are originally from Africa and can be also be referred to as the “Lion Dog”!

What size will Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies reach when fully grown?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large powerful breed that should stand between 60-68 cm (24-27 inches) tall when fully grown. As with most breeds, you will find the females tend to be on the smaller end of the scale in both height and weight. The head of a Ridgeback will usually be at the top thigh area of an adult whilst their back will rest at your low to mid thigh.

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How heavy will Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies grow to be?

The desirable weight for these dogs should be between 70-85 pounds (31-38kg). This is seen as the breed standard but it is not uncommon for you to see these dogs weighing up to 100 pounds + (45kg). Usually your taller Ridgeback will weigh in the higher range due to their added size.

What Colors do Rhodesian Ridgebacks tend to be?

Your gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies should be one solid color. This can vary from a light wheaten through to a deeper red wheaten coloring. A small amount of white maybe seen on your Ridgeback’s chest or toes.

How long is the Coat of a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

The benefit of a Ridgeback’s coat is that they are very short which means little grooming is required. The coat sits close to the body of your dog and is really quite smooth and sleek for you to touch. Their dense coats like many other short haired breeds can be known to shed which will result in you having to vacuum your floor a little more often.

We find the coolest thing about Ridgeback puppies is their “ridge”. This ridge needs to be in the center of your puppy’s back. It should start from the shoulders and right down to your pup’s hips. Within the ridge you should find two “crowns” that are whorls or spirals of the coat and the two crowns should be directly opposite each other.

If you are planning to show your Ridgeback it is important to know that the absence of one or both crowns is considered to be a serious fault. Also the absence of the ridge entirely or an unsymmetrical ridge is seen as a serious fault by judges in shows.

How long will I need to spend grooming my Rhodesian Ridgeback?

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A Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy won’t require you to do much grooming at all. This is great news if you find bathing your pooch and brushing them not much fun. They are very low maintenance when it comes to coat care.

All you will need is a simple wipe over with a damp cloth or a once over with a rubber brush occasionally. Doing this will help eliminate any loose shedding hair that otherwise may end up on your clothes or floor.

To keep a Ridgeback’s coat looking great you will only need to bathe them occasionally with an oatmeal based shampoo.

Do Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies have a long lifespan?

These dogs tend to have an average lifespan between 9-12 years. In rare cases they have been known to reach their teenage years, but unfortunately you will find this is fairly uncommon. To give your Ridgeback the best chance of living a long and healthy life, it is important to provide them with a good diet and regular exercise. As with all dogs, giving your love and affection certainly couldn’t hurt either!

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies can be prone to suffering from hip dysplasia. This is a condition where your dog’s hips do not develop properly as a young growing pup. This causes the hip joint to be fairly unstable, which is very painful for your dog and will most likely result in them suffering from lameness.

To avoid this being an issue for your future ridgeback puppy, we would recommend purchasing your pooch from a registered responsible breeder who is aware of this health concern and do their best to avoid it in their puppies.

What sort of Temperament will a Rhodesian Ridgeback have?

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks will not only great you a great family dog as they are loyal family members who do well with kids but they can also be your fearless protector.

Your Ridgeback can often be quite reserved with strangers and don’t like to be ambushed by people they are not familiar with.

In saying this, it is important that we emphasize that they are not an aggressive breed.

If you provide your pup with the right socialization and training they will do well in most situations.

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies grow up to be very intelligent dogs who you’ll often find love to lean up against you or lie over your feet. This is an adorable sign of affection that is hard to resist. They can be quite lazy at times (watch out as they are likely to hog your couch!) but the next minute they can be up and about ready to play with you and your family. They are always open to your affection and will show you nothing but love in return.

How much Exercise will my Rhodesian Ridgeback need?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are a part of the Hound Breed group. Being a Hound, they have a history of being bred as a hunter with their good eye sight and sense of smell. These days they make great members of the family but in order for you to keep these dogs fit and healthy, you will need to ensure they get adequate exercise and stimulation as a family pet.

You will need to take your pup out daily for exercise and they do better with a large yard to roam around in. You can keep them in a smaller space but you must give them more exercise, in these cases twice daily walks or runs would be ideal.

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They can make you a great exercise partner should you be a fitness buff and will most likely push you to a new level.


They will love to join you on a run and while at home you may want to provide them with heaps of chew toys to keep them busy.

If you have a bored Rhodesian Ridgeback, it will most likely mean a destructive one.

Am I the Ideal owner for a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

These very strong agile dogs are best suited to you if you’re an experienced dog owner who is willing to lavish them with attention. You must be willing to provide your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies with daily exercise, positive training and of course plenty of affection.

If you are a first time dog owner, a Ridgeback is probably not a good choice mainly due to their pure strength and size. It is a good idea to have had experience with larger breeds and are educated in positive training techniques for your pooch.

They will do best in a larger yard but also love to be indoors with you at night. They make a great running partner but are even better at becoming a great friend to you and your children as long as you socialize and train them from a young age.

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