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Will Pug Puppies fit your lifestyle?

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The adorable snort of pug puppies is quirky and hard to resist! These unique little dogs have loads of personality and make great family pets. Great if you live in an apartment or small family home.

They don’t require you to give them too much grooming, apart from needing their little face wrinkles wiped. You may need a bit of persistence with their training as well as occasionally getting them off the couch for a walk.

What size will Pug puppies reach when fully grown?

Pug’s are small unique dogs and are classed as a toy breed. You’ll find that Pug’s tend to be between 25-28cm (10-11inchs) tall. The head of a Pug will reach mid shin area of an adult whilst its back will roughly sit at your low to mid shin area.

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How heavy will a Pug be?

 A healthy weight for your little Pug would be between 6-8kg (14-18pounds). These pooches can be a bit lazy at times and this results in some overweight issues.

You will need to watch their diets and ensure you get them out for regular walks.

What Colors do cute little pug puppies tend to be?

Pugs come in a few different colors, all very cute! They are Fawn and Black, Apricot and Black, Silver and Black, or a solid Black.

You may have noticed that their snout commonly tends to be quite dark.

How long is the Coat of a Pug?

Pugs have a short, smooth coat that is usually quite glossy or shiny. You’ll find that they do shed their hair slightly but are fairly low maintenance when it comes to their coat. Great if you don’t want to spend much time brushing your pooch or cleaning up after them.

How long will I need to spend Grooming my Pug?

You will only need minimal coat care for your pug but their eyes and head wrinkles need to be regularly checked for discharge and cleaned. This means you can throw away your vacuum cleaner as these cute pups shed very little. Well you might want to keep your vacuum cleaner just in case.

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Do Pugs have a long lifespan?

Pugs have an expected lifespan of anywhere between 10-15 years of age. The better care and nutrition you provide, the more likely your pup is to reach its teenage years.

It is important that you know Pugs have breathing problems and can also be prone to eye conditions.

Pugs are what you call brachycephalic (compact, pushed in little faces) and this is what causes theses issues. They also can have trouble regulating their body temperature so you will need to keep their exercise shorter in the warmer months. If you know how to prevent your pug from these conditions or can at least minimize these problems, your pug should live a long and healthy life.

What sort of Temperament will a Pug have?

Pugs will be your loyal, affectionate and devoted friend that will follow you around like your shadow. As their owner, you may find that they can be a bit possessive over you and can be jealous at times. Usually that can be quite a compliment.

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You will need to be mindful of this with other dogs but they will do great if socialized and raised with other animals. Your Pug will get along very well with your children of any age or size as they are friendly and rarely show any signs of aggression.

You will need some patience with them in regards to training as they can be a little slow (especially with toilet training).

Pugs are great dogs overflowing with love and affection as they will show you that it definitely makes them worth the effort.

How much Exercise will my Pug need?

Pugs have short unique little flat wrinkled faces, which we’re sure you find uniquely adorable. However these wrinkled faces can affect their breathing and it is important you keep this in mind during any exercise. You should take caution with their exercise especially in hot weather and after meals as this can cause further breathing difficulties for your lovable pooch.

It is important that you avoid intensive exercise with your pug puppies, however they do love walks and playing. They can gain tendencies to become lazy and overweight. Exercise is a must for all dogs and as much as your Pug may sometimes avoid it, it has to be done.

Am I the Ideal owner for a Pug?

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Pug puppies tend to snort and snore a lot so unless you find this a lovable quirk rather than an irritating annoyance, then they’re probably not the best dog for you. If you have a smaller home or apartment living, a Pug could be perfect but you’ll need to ensure they don’t get lazy.

You will need to get them off the couch and out for a walk or play. As Pug’s are generally good with all children, they would make a great addition to your family and love nothing more than to be spoiled. As they can be a little harder to train, it is important that you have patience and time to train them.