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Male Puppy Names

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There are plenty of male puppy names to choose from, however you want to find the right one to suit your boy.

It is difficult naming your puppy straight away unless you have a name already chosen, that is why we recommend getting to know him first.

Some puppy names just have a certain ring to them.

Male Puppy Names

  Ace Admiral Adonis
  Aladdin Alfie Amigo
  Ammo Angus Apollo
  Archie Armani Arnie
  Arnold Arty Astro
  Aussie Austin Axle
  Bailey Balboa Bam Bam
  Bandit Barkley Barney
  Bart Baxter Bear
  Beau Beethovan Benji
  Bingo Bizzy Blade
  Blaze Blitz Blitzen
  Blue Bo Bo Bond
  Bookie Boots Boss
  Brain Bronte Bronx
  Bruiser Brutus Buck
  Bud Buddy Bullet
  Butch Buzz  
  Cadbury Caddy Cadilliac
  Caesar Cagney Calvin
  Captain Casper Champ
  Champion Charlie Checkers
  Chester Chewy Chief
  Chilli Chip Chipper
  Chopper Clyde Cody
  Cola Comet Condor
  Cooper Corona Cory
  Cowboy Crash Cricket
  Critter Cruise Crusader
  Cujo Curly Cypress
  Dallas Damage Dante
  Darth Dasher Dazza
  Diablo Diesel Digby
  Digger Dino Doc
  Dodger Dots Dougal
  Dozer Droopy Dude
  Dudley Duke Dumbo
  Dusty Dynamite Dynamo
  Eddie Edge Einstein
  Elf Elmo Elroy
  Elvis Energizer Ernie
  Falcon Fang Felix
  Fido Finn Flash
  Floyd Fluffy Fonzi
  Frazer Fred Fuzzie
  Gambler Gator Genius
  Geronimo Gilligan Gin
  Gizmo Gordo Groucho
  Gumby Guru Gus
  Gusto Guy  
  Hank Harley Harry
  Harvey Hawk Hector
  Hercules Hero Homer
  Homey Honcho Hooch
  Houdini Howler Hudson
  Hugo Hulk Humphrey
  Hunter Hurricane Hyde
  Iggy Indie Indy
  Jack Jag Jake
  Jazz Jed Jedi
  Jesse Jett Jinx
  Judge Junior  
  K-9 Karma Kellogg
  Kermit King Kiwi
  Klutz Kobi Koda
  Kryptonite Kujo  
  Labyrinth Laker Laser
  Leni Leo Levi
  Lightning Link Logan
  Looney Luckey Lunatic
  Mac Magnet Major
  Mambo Marley Matador
  Mattie Maverick Max
  Mayhem Mickey Midas
  Miko Milo Minty
  Mister Mocha Monty
  Muddles Mugsy Mumbles
  Murphy Mustang Muttley
  Napoleon Narcho Neon
  Neptune Newton Nibbles
  Nifty Nike Ninja
  Nipper Nissan Nitro
  Noah Norman Nudge
  Odie OJ Oliver
  Oreo Oscar Otis
  Otto Ouzo Oz
  Pal Panama Panther
  Patches Paws Peanut
  Pepe Pepper Pete
  Peugeot Phantom Phoenix
  Pistol Piston Pluto
  Polo Pooch Pooh
  Popeye President Professor
  Puff Pugsley Punk
  Quick Quicksilver Quirky
  Radar Rags Raider
  Ralph Rambo Ranger
  Rascal Raz Rebel
  Red Reebok Reef
  Renegade Rex Ringo
  Ritz Rocket Rocket
  Rocky Rodeo Rookie
  Rover Rowdie Royal
  Ruffles Rufus Rupert
  Saber Safari Sam
  Sarge Scamp Scooby
  Scotch Scout Scrappy
  Scrooge Scruffy Sheriff
  Shweppes Sinatra Sinbad
  Slick Slugger Smasher
  Smokey Snickers Sniffer
  Snoopy Snuffles Snuffy
  Sparkie Speedy Spike
  Spock Spot Squirt
  Taboo Taffy Tag
  Tang Tank Tanner
  Tarzan Tazer Terminator
  Terror Texas Thumper
  Thunder Tiger Tigger
  Titan Toby Tonka
  Tornado Toto Tramp
  Tricky Trouble Trouper
  Trump Turbo  
  Viper Voo Doo  
  Wacky Waddles Wags
  Waldo Warrior Whiskey
  Wiggles Wilbur Willow
  Wimpey Winston Wizard
  Wolfie Woody Wrangler
  Yankee Yellow Yoda
  Zac Zeke Zephyr
  Zeppo Zeus Ziggy
  Zippy Zodiac Zorro


Helpful naming tips

A name like “Rex” has an attitude about it and may suit your cheeky and tough Staffy. Calling your pup “Charlie” seems more appropriate for an easy going Cavalier. We cannot tell you what to name your cute new addition to the family nor would we like to. We want you to choose the right name, so we have provided some tips on how to do it below:

  • Watch your puppy carefully and see what type of personality he has. Does he like to be adventurous and explore everything in sight? Is he mellow and tend to be content with finding the nearest lap to sit on? Does he crave attention and constantly want you to play and cuddle him?

bassett hound puppy

  • Once you have the general personality traits of your puppy figured out, you can begin to sort through a list of male puppy names and see which one fits.

    When looking at each name, get the picture of your new puppy in your head and imagine calling out to him. See if it feels right to be giving him that name. Only you can tell which one fits.
  • As you find a name that you think could fit, write it down and keep track of all the good male puppy names for your new friend.

    The less that you write down the better, it will mean less stress when you need to decide on just the one. Try not to have more that 5-10 names in the list.
  • Now you want to road test the male puppy names with shortened versions or nick names. You are more likely to call out to your puppies with the shortened name instead of the full version. If a name like “Rusty” is on your list, think about how the shortened version will sound. You may shorten “Rusty” to “Russ” or use the nickname “Rustinator”. It is entirely up to you.

cute puppy

  • As you find shortened versions of the name you should be able to settle on just one. Practice calling out to your pup with the new name and see if it feels right.

If it does then it is great, you have found your new puppy a great name. If it doesn’t feel right, go back to your list of 5-10 and try another name.

Try not to call your puppy a name too much until you have settled on one. You can confuse your pup and you may end up with your friend responding to a name you don’t particularly like.

Whichever name you choose, you must be happy to call out to your puppy and feel great when doing so. The name should put a smile on your face when you use it. So remember, there are many male puppy names but only you know which one suits your cute puppy.