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Will short, medium or long hair dog breeds suit your lifestyle?

cute long hair dog breeds

Do you have enough time to care for the long hair dog breeds, or is less grooming best for you. There are a few types of different coat varieties to consider.

You have the short haired smooth coated dogs, the wired haired selections and the medium to long hair dog breeds.

Generally every dog will benefit from regular bathing, it’s a messy job (especially if your puppies like to jump out of the bath as you just applied the shampoo) but it has to be done.

Monthly is usually good for most dogs. If your pooch likes to roll on smelly surfaces or if you plan to keep your puppy inside, then weekly or fortnightly baths may be needed. Your local vet should have hydrobath facilities, which are often self-use.

A hydrobath is basically a large bath with higher walls that prevent your dog from moving around too much. They have high pressure hoses that remove loose hair and dirt, which is great for those long hair dog breeds. These features make life easier for washing dogs that are a struggle to do at home and it also provides a better clean.

Always use a good quality shampoo when bathing your dog. An inexpensive shampoo or one made for humans will most likely strip your dogs coat of its natural nutrients and will cause dry, flaky skin and a dull coat.

cute fluffy puppies

When it comes to brushing, the occasional breed will need daily care. These tend to be the long hair dog breeds.

Long haired dog breeds such as Samoyeds and Alaskan Malamutes are gorgeous but can require a large amount of grooming. This could mean brushing twice per week and trips every 6 weeks to the grooming salon.

Without frequent care your puppies coat will become matted, tangled and often will entangle things from the garden in them.

Your long haired puppy will tend to shed hair fairly constantly and removing it from your furniture and clothes will definitely add to your household chores. A good vacuum cleaner could end up on the Christmas list. So unfortunately if you don’t have the time, these dogs aren’t for you.

The wired haired varieties such as the Schnauzers and West Highland White Terriers also require regular combing and will need to be clipped especially around the eyes and ears.

The great thing about the wired haired varieties is that they rarely shed, this can make them good pets for you if you suffer from allergies.

cute short haired puppy

On the other hand you have the short haired breeds such as Labradors and Beagles who need nothing more than your occasional brush with a hand glove and a regular bath to keep your best friend in great condition.

Whether a low maintenance, short haired dog is for you or if you want to pamper one of the long haired dog breeds there is one out there that will suit you.