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Will Labrador Puppies be a great addition to your home?

Labrador puppy with it's mother

Labrador puppies are affectionately known as “Labs” for short. These gorgeous, energetic dogs will have almost everyone falling in love with them. They will fit in well with your family and love to play with kids.

If you live alone, these pups are great for companionship as long as you're willing to give them regular exercise. Playing fetch or taking them somewhere to swim is usually the key to their heart.

What size will Labrador puppies reach when fully grown?

Labradors are generally a large cuddly sized dog which can range between 54-62cms (21.5-24.5 inches) tall. For most adults, the head of a Lab will generally be at the mid thigh area whilst its back will measure roughly at your knee area.

Labrador information

How heavy will a Labrador grow to be?

You will want to keep an eye on a Labrador as they love to eat anything and everything. This makes them prone to obesity, so for the health of their joints and hearts, their weight has to be kept under control.

A healthy weight for a Labrador is between about 45 to 80 pounds (23-36 kg). The females will likely be more towards the lighter side of this scale.

What Colors do the Labrador puppies tend to be?

There are three recognized colors of the Labrador, all of which are adorable.

They are solid colors of black (also known as black lab puppies), golden (can be different shades of yellow, also known as yellow lab puppies) and chocolate (yep you guessed it, they are also known as chocolate lab puppies).

How long is the Coat of a Labrador?

Labrador puppies have a lovely smooth short coat which consists of two layers. The top layer is short, dense and stiff while the softer inner coat provides some weather resistance for this breed. Shedding require you to do more housework but you will save time with a Labrador needing little grooming.

How long will I need to spend grooming my Labrador Puppies?

Adorable Labrador puppies together

As with a lot of the other short haired breeds, these pups will tend to shed occasionally. Apart from the shedding, your Labrador will need regular brushing to remove dead hair.

In general, these dogs are low maintenance as far as grooming goes. Labs will also benefit from regular bathing especially if kept indoors.

Do Labradors have a long lifespan?

Labradors will typically live to be 12-13 years of age however a little extra care and the right nutrition can see these breeds live a bit longer beyond that. If you put in the extra love and attention to their health, making sure you don’t over feed them, your new best friend will be around that little bit longer.

What sort of Temperament will cuddly Labrador puppies have?

 What temperament do Labradors have?Labradors are loving, smart, loyal and friendly. Giving this pup your attention is the best thing you could do as they thrive on it.

They are great for you if you have a young family as they play well with children and any other pets you might have.

Labs are extremely sociable but still make good watch dogs as they will bark at strangers who enter your home. Your Labrador puppies will get bored easily if you don’t give them plenty of attention. They like to dig up your garden, pull your clothes off your line or even chew your furniture when they are bored. So to avoid this it is best to play with them often and keep them busy, especially when they are pups.

How much Exercise will my Labrador need?

Labradors are bursting with energy and will be your friend for life should you take them on long daily walks. Visiting a park with a lake or any type of water is better still as many Labradors enjoy a good swim.

Chocolate Labrador puppies resting

As Labradors are retrievers so they love to play fetch. With their large supply of energy, devotion and intelligence, they will excel with different activities.

Anything from obedience, tracking or even working as a search and rescue dog or aid for the blind.

When it comes down to it, your Labrador puppy often will just want to be involved with anything you do.

When you walk these dogs as pups, it is important for you to teach them not to pull on the lead. Labs will grow to be very strong and can have a tendency to get excited when it comes to exercising.

Ideally you should be taking them for a walk and not the other way round. Being dragged down the street by your Labrador may be fun for your kids on their skateboard but not for you should you have the shopping in your hands. That is why it is a good idea to train them to walk calmly from a young age. Early training will help you keep this breed under control and make them your perfect companion dog.

Am I the Ideal owner for a Labrador?

Should you own a Labrador puppy?

These enthusiastic, loving dogs need owners who will keep them busy and lavish them with attention. They are a true family dog and will give so much love to your family.

Ideally you must be willing to exercise these dogs every day as they need to avoid weight issues. This will also keep them out of trouble.

They are not commonly known for it, but they can be great dogs to sit with you as you watch TV or read the paper. Possibly even a lap dog should you have a big enough couch. These adorable pups with their devotion, friendliness, great personalities and lack of aggression make them perfect companions.

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