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Do you think Jack Russell Terrier Puppies will suit you?

Jack Russell Terrier puppies

Jack Russell Terrier puppies are lively and energetic never ending batteries of fun. Being a small sized work dog, they are great if you want to spend most of your time playing with your dog and not grooming.

Their size definitely doesn’t affect their huge personality. Jack Russells are great with kids due to their playful nature, and small size. Suitable if you want an inside or mainly outside dog as they love both.

What size will a Jack Russell puppy reach when fully grown?

A Jack Russell Terrier is generally a small sized dog which tends to be between 23-38 cm (9-15inches) tall. The head of a Jack Russell will be roughly a bit below the knee area of an adult and it’s back will sit at the mid to low shin area.

Jack Russell Terrier information

How heavy will a Jack Russell Terrier be?

Jack Russell Terrier puppies can become quite easily over weight so it is important to feed them correctly and exercise them regularly. A healthy weight for a Jack Russell is between 12-18pounds (5-8kg).

What Colors do Jack Russells tend to be?

A Jack Russell Terrier is generally predominately white with black, tan or tricolor combinations. Tricolor means a mix of white, tan and black. The colors usually appear as large patches but can also have varying smaller spots throughout their coat.

How long is the Coat of a Jack Russell?

The Jack Russell Terrier puppies can come in 3 different coats. Smooth, Rough or Broken coats. The smooth coat is exactly how it sounds, short and smooth all over the body, the ideal choice if you don’t have time for grooming. The rough coat is a double layered coat which has a wired like texture and is longer in length. The broken is a Jack Russell that has a coat with a combination of short and longer hairs.

How long will I need to spend Grooming my Jack Russell?

Adorable Jack Russell puppy

Jack Russell’s do tend to shed quite a bit. If you give them an occasional brush (best to use a firm wire brush), as well as a regular bath, you can have them looking great.

Plus it will reduce your housework, vacuuming hairs off the floor is a boring exercise. The rough and broken coat varieties may need more of your attention and time to keep them free from tangles.

Do Jack Russell Terrier puppies have a long lifespan?

Jack Russells will usually live to be 14 years of age but with the right nutrition and care this can be extended well beyond this. The better care you take of your friend, the longer you can expect them to live.

What sort of Temperament will a Jack Russell have?

Jack Russells are loving, playful, energetic dogs. They are curious little dogs that will generally need you to provide something to keep them occupied. If you don’t keep your Jack Russell puppies busy, they will most likely dig, bark and can cause quite a nuisance.

Temperament of Jack Russells

At times they will settle down next to you however they should never be considered a “lap dog”. They are generally a friendly breed and will get along well with both children and other dogs.

They will require you to socialize them at a young age. Jack Russells can become very vocal so they will defiantly let you know what’s going on.

Training is a must. They can get easily distracted but when they find something they want, they can also become very determined. With these little energetic pups consistency and perseverance is necessary with training.

How much Exercise will my Jack Russell need?

This breed is considered a working dog that has a lot of stamina. They will love to play with you and can excel at FlyBall and Agility classes. Providing them with a long daily walk is great for this breed. Having them off the lead is not recommended as they do get distracted and are very quicker runners!

Jack Russell puppy getting exercise

This may not always be the case though as training can do wonders. Their compact size does mean that playing inside your home is possible.

They will adapt well to apartment living but will require a lot of stimulation and walking on your part. Otherwise, if you have a home with a medium sized yard that is well fenced, it is perfect.

Am I the Ideal owner for a Jack Russell?

Jack Russell Terrier puppies turn into great dogs suitable for almost anyone. They are intelligent and will provide you with lots of love. As long as you socialize them from a young age, they will play well with other dogs. Some Jack Russell Terrier puppies can show slight aggression towards a dog of the same sex.

Jack Russell puppy at the park

They are great if you have any children but other smaller pets such as cats, ferrets, hamsters etc… might be an issue as these dogs have a hunting background. Not necessarily wanting to cause harm, however they do love to terrorize other pets.

The Jack Russell Terrier is small and clean so they can be good inside dogs and they equally do well outside. They tend to be a very energetic and playful pooch to own, quality time will need to be spent walking them and keeping them busy.