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Do you think Doberman Puppies are right for you?

Dobermans on the couch

Having Doberman puppies in the family will be a pleasure if you’re after a big affectionate friend with loyal traits. They are great if you have little time available for grooming but have time for playing and going for regular walks.

Dobermans will also have the added benefit of keeping your house safe as they are very good guard dogs… until they lick your face and you have a friend for life.

What size will Doberman puppies reach when fully grown?

Doberman’s are generally large muscular dogs which tend to be between 65-69cm (25-27 inches) tall. This means the head of a Doberman will roughly reach the hip area of an adult and it’s back will be around your mid thigh area.

Doberman puppy information

How heavy will a Doberman Puppy grow to be?

Dobermans are quite slender dogs, however they are quite masculine. A healthy weight for them is between 66-88pounds (30-40kg), some of the larger taller males can grow to be slightly heavier.

What Colors do Dobermans tend to be?

Doberman puppies do come in many different colors and it depends heavily on the colorings of their parents. The typical Doberman you may have seen is the more common black with brown markings.

Not quite as commonly, they also come in blue, red and fawn and tend to have tan markings on their paws, legs, chest, nose and eyebrows.

How long is the coat of a Doberman?

Dobermans have a short, smooth thick coat which is very easy for you to maintain. Usually a quick brush or a wipe over with a damp cloth is all this breed requires to look great. This makes them perfect if you don’t have long periods of time available for grooming. Their coat does shed a little but the brushing and wiping should keep this to a minimum.

How long will I spend grooming my Doberman?

As mentioned above, a Doberman’s short coat usually requires a simple brush or a wipe over with a damp cloth. This is usually just to remove loose hairs. This can be done as little as once every two weeks or if you like to keep your friend indoors, you may want to do it weekly. This will result in less sweeping of the floors on your part.

Cute brown colored Doberman

Do Dobermans have a long lifespan?

Dobermans typically live to be 12 years of age but with the good nutrition and care, this can be extended to even 14 years. With a little bit of extra care you may get some extra time with your friend.

What sort of temperament will a Doberman puppy have?

The Doberman is a bold, protective and intelligent breed. Add their fearlessness and courage to the mix and this means you have a great watchdog. Doberman Puppies are known to be very loyal and affectionate towards their owners and tend to be a very people orientated breed.

Many instances they will often think of themselves as being human. As with most breeds, if you socialize them as a young pup with other dogs they can get along well with others. If you haven’t provided this interaction early on, it will be a good idea for you to watch them around other dogs, as they can be quite powerful when playing.

Adorable Doberman puppy sleeping

As well as socialization, obedience training with this breed is a necessity. Without training, they tend to be timid and shy which sometimes can lead to aggression from fear.

Even though these dogs are quite large and strong they love being indoors with you, not only for the company but this breed hates the cold weather and will likely try sneak into your warm bed!

How much exercise will my Doberman need?

Dobermans are highly energetic with a lot of stamina and love nothing more than a walk or to play with you especially as it involves human attention that they crave. They require an extensive daily exercise session and they also do well in tracking and obedience.

Am I the ideal owner for a Doberman?

Dobermans love human companionship and generally get upset if you leave them alone for hours on end. Therefore, a household where at least one person is usually home can be suitable. But due to their protective nature these dogs do better with older children who are likely to be responsible and sensible around your dog.

Doberman relaxation time

An environment that allows them to stay indoors during the cold weather would suit these pooches, as they are bigger dogs, you may want to invest in a bigger sofa!

As far as training these gorgeous breeds, you need to be willing to take the more dominant leader role whilst using positive training techniques with this breed.

Doing so will gain the trust and respect from your Doberman puppies, they are also a pleasure to train and it is very rewarding.