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Do you want Dachshund Puppies to be your new best friend?

Two cute Dachshund puppies

Dachshund puppies are often referred to as Sausage dogs. Once you see their long bodies it’s not hard to work out why. This unusual shape is very cute and simply adds to their very affectionate and playful personality.

Being small in size, they will be great for your apartment living and are happy to walk with you to the shops or local park. Being quite intelligent your Dachshund will keep you on your toes as you need to use persistence with training due to their occasional stubborn qualities.

Note: Often “Dachund puppies” is a common way Dachshund is misspelled. The “sh” is left out of the name. We wanted to clear this up as it is important to know the correct spelling of your pooch should you search for breeders and more information regarding these pups.

What size will Dachshund puppies reach when fully grown?

You need to be aware that there are two varieties of Dachshunds when it comes to size. They are commonly known as the standard and the miniature. Obviously the miniature size is the smaller of the two.

Dachshund information

Standard: Being the larger size of Dachshund, the standard size is usually 20-23cm (8-9 inches) in height.

The head of a standard size Dachshund will sit roughly at the mid shin area of an adult with its back resting at your lower shin area.

Miniature: These smaller dachshunds tend to be roughly 12.5 to 15cms (5-6 inches) in height.

These cute miniature Dachshunds heads will reach the lower area of an adults shin and its back will generally sit at your ankle area or a bit higher.

How heavy will an adorable Dachshund puppy grow to be?

Standard: The typical and healthy weight for a standard size Dachshund is between about 16-28 pounds (7 to 13kgs).

Miniature: The miniature size Dachshunds can generally be roughly 11 pounds (5kg) or even less at times.

It is important not to over feed your Dachshund as it can cause problems due to their long backs and short legs.

Cute Dachshunds

What Colors do Dachshunds tend to be?

Dachshund puppies come in black, brindle, sable, cream, chocolate, fawn, and red. They are usually seen to be mixed with a bit of tan which is often seen around the nose, neck, chest and paws.

How long is the Coat of a Dachshund?

Long haired Dachshund

Dachshund puppies have 3 varieties of coats which are “Smooth Haired”, “Wire haired” and “Long haired”.

Smooth Haired Dachshunds:
The smooth variety is the shortest of the three coats. It has a glossy appearance to it and the length is generally the same over the entire body.

Wired Haired Dachshunds:
Wired haired variety is in the middle in terms of length. It has a rough and wired texture with a broken appearance.

This means individual strands or groups of strands tend to stand separate from the coat.

Long Haired Dachshunds:
Obviously the long haired variety is the longest of the three versions. The length varies through out the coat but it can often be longer in areas such as the chest, belly, legs and ears. Having long hair around the belly will result in you needing to give more time for grooming.

How long will I need to spend Grooming my Dachshund?

If you want to get a long haired dachshund, keep in mind that they require the most attention of the three coat types for grooming. This is usually because their belly is so close to the ground.

Adorable Dachshund puppy in the grass

This results in your Dachshunds long hair picking up objects from the ground which get stuck and the hair becomes easily tangled. Therefore you will need to give them daily brushes and help remove any objects that may be stuck.

The wire haired coat needs a little bit of your attention as it can get tangled also, however this will not be as much time as needed for the longer haired dachshunds.

If you don’t have much time on your hands or simply don’t enjoy brushing your pooch everyday, the smooth haired variety is for you. They require very little attention as far as grooming goes. You can simply wipe their coat with a damp cloth to remove any dead hair every so often. This will reduce the amount of hair that will end up on your floor and reduce your house cleaning time.

Do Dachshunds have a long lifespan?

Dachshunds will typically live to be 12-14 years for both sizes. As with all dogs, providing the right nutrition and great care can extend their lifespan. It is possible to see these adorable pups live up to or beyond 15 years of age. This all depends on how much effort you make to care for your Dachshund.

Due to the shape of these dogs, they can be prone to spinal problems. Just make sure you are aware of this and do your best to prevent your dachshund from becoming obese. This usually can help avoid such problems.

What sort of Temperament will Dachshund puppies have?

Three gorgeous Dachshund puppies

These adorable little dogs love your companionship and attention. You will find them to be playful, loyal and devoted pooches.

They enjoy chasing smaller animals due to their past history of being used for rabbit and fox hunting. You may encounter your Dachshund being stubborn at times which may become a problem during training.

They are intelligent pups though, so if you have a bit of persistence with the training it will pay off.

How much Exercise will Dachshund puppies need?

They can be little energetic dogs but if you take them on a short daily walk, it will be enough to exercise them. Playing with them at home will also help you keep them trim and terrific. Your Dachshund can become bored and destructive pretty easily so it’s best to keep these little guys happy and entertained.

They can develop disk issues from high jumping or intense running so you may want to keep these activities to a minimum.

A great activity for you to enjoy with your Dachshund and something they love to do is Earthdog competitions. This involves your pooch running through man made tunnels with obstacles and using their natural hound abilities to find artificial bait.

Am I the Ideal owner for a Dachshund?

Unusual Dachshund colorings0

These very social and friendly pets that crave family life and are best suited to you if you want an indoors dog. If you have an apartment they will be great as long as you’re willing to give them a daily walk and play.

If you have children, your Dachshund will get along well with them. Dachshund puppies will get along with your other pets however they are known to be better suited to smaller dogs rather than larger breeds.

These affectionate little pups are a great companion whether you have a young family or if you live alone.

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