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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies, Are they Right For You?

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Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are not only stunning in appearance but wonderful animals for your home. They are friendly, kind and will show devotion towards you. They are strong, sturdy working dogs that will love your friendship, especially if you spend time playing with them.

They do need your attention to grooming and exercise but the work you put in will more than repaid through their loyal companionship.

What size will Bernese Mountain Dog puppies reach when fully grown?

A Bernese Mountain Dog is a large sized dog which tends to be between 58-70 cm (23-27inches) tall. You’ll find the head of a Bernese will roughly be at the low hip area of an adult whilst its back will sit at your mid thigh.

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How heavy will Bernese Mountain puppies grow to be?

Bernese Mountain Dogs weight can vary quite a bit. It can range from about 31kg, usually being the smaller females, while you can find large males up to 50kg (70-110 pounds). The height of your Bernese will have a big impact on its weight.

What Colors do Bernese Mountain Dogs Puppies tend to be?

One of the most appealing and gorgeous features of the Bernese Mountain Dog is its colorings. The tri-color (white, tan and black) on their long coat makes them stand out and look amazing. They generally have a white chest with a black shiny coat.

The tan can be seen in many different areas but commonly on the eyebrows, sides of the mouth and paws.

How long is the Coat of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a medium to long coat length which can have a slight wave in it. This will need you to give a little extra care to grooming but once you see this coat in person you will know it’s worth it.

How long will I need to spend Grooming my Bernese Mountain Puppy?

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The main issue that you will have with this dog is shedding. They tend to shed all year round and you must be willing to regularly brush your dog. Obviously with all the shedding you become an expert at vacuuming your home.

Daily grooming will need to be part of your day to keep them free of matts and anything that may get caught up whilst playing outdoors.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs have a long lifespan?

Bernese Mountain puppies will roughly live to be 7 years of age but with the right nutrition and care you can see these pups live longer. If you put in the effort to provide quality care for your Bernese Mountain Dog, you can increase the time you will have with them.

What sort of Temperament will a Bernese Mountain Dogs Puppies have?

These pups are extremely active, alert and sturdy dogs that love to play with you. They have a strong work ethic and enjoy herding. This can be a nuisance as they may herd up your young children. Don’t let this discourage you from this breed as they can be a great, kind family dog.

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Your older children will do better with these dogs as they are strong and can be a bit too much for young ones. This can also be the same for any elderly members of your family. As with most dogs if you train them well, this will not be much of a problem.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies love the outdoors but will be happy inside spending time with the family. If you have any other pets in your home, your Bernese puppy will get along well with them and fit right in.

How much Exercise will my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy need?

This breed thrives on endurance work as they were originally used for pulling carts and herding on farms. This doesn’t mean you have to invest in a large cart or move to a farm to keep them happy. Nor do they want to pull you in your car to work so you can save on fuel.

They will need you to give them a large amount of exercise and interaction. Your Bernese Mountain Dog puppies will excel at everything from agility, obedience, tracking and of course herding. If you give one long daily activity of a minimum of half an hour to one hour, you will keep these dogs staying fit and healthy. They will also benefit from you owning a large yard rather than confined to a small home or apartment.

Am I the Ideal owner for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

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Ideally you would make a great owner of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies if you have a family with older children. You and your family would need to be willing to spend plenty of time with this pooch as they love activities.

It is preferable if you have a large yard with plenty of room for your pup to run, play and grow (which you will see them do very quickly).

Due to the amount of exercise and grooming this dog requires, you will need to be more than willing to pamper this dog. Giving them what they need to stay fit and looking great is important. If you put the effort into caring for these dogs, you will find that they return the devotion and will become a loyal companion.

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